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***Click here to go to our new site!***

This old site will not be updated anymore... im leaving it up because it has our old band pictures on it and i dont want to add those to our new site.

Here is our new site: http://fliptheswitchska.tripod.com

( 5/18/03 )   




We need a drummer NOW!
We also need a bass player, but we need a drummer first.. anyways, if u want to c this band keep going, then please help us out by finding a drummer who lives in sacramento california.   Email rockerrob69@yahoo.com if you can help out.  Thanx!  (3/23/03)



( old news 1/30/03 )

Thanx so much to everyone who has signed our guest book and left us a message or comment... those are really cool to hear!  Right now my brother Christian has decided to play drums for us until we find someone who wants to join.   Its not really going to well, but we have to work with what we got.   Also, we added a saxophone player to our band... his name is Matt and he kicks a$$!   


And finally, our FULL ALBUM is on MP3.com !  If you download a song, please let us know what you thought of it in our guest book.  Thanx again to everyone that likes us!  And if you dont have a CD burner, then ask us in the guest book for a copy of our album.  If you do have a CD burner, please download our album and make lots of copies of it and pass them out to your friends!


*We are still looking for a bass player and a full time drummer!*




Welcome to Elk Grove's first and only SKA band... at least that i know of. lol  Anyways, we will put up a bunch of stuff on this site about our band and try to update it whenever we can.

Flip the Switch:
Robert - Vocals / Guitar
Daniel ( Wil ) - Trombone / Backup vocals
Adam - Trumpet
Matt - Saxophone 
Jacob ( Spock ) - Saxophone


What's New?

-  Another review ( 4/8/03 ) :
Handed to me for review is the demo cd "Turn on the Fun" from the band Flip The Switch based out of Northern California.  The cd starts of with hounestly, quite a band first impression but thats just the first
couple seconds.  The intro is the popular Rocky intro music but the horns sound really off.  With that now in the past the guitar and drums continue the intro and make a nice smooth transition into the first song, a catchy tune tittled "Luckiest Guy in the World."  Flip The Switch is still relativly new but show potential.  I see a few great band members coming out of this band.

::::: SKA  JoE :::::
OC Ska Productions/Ska Summit 2003
411 W. Walnut Ave
Orange, CA 92867-6635
-Someone else did a review on us... CLICK HERE TO READ IT   (3/5/03)
- New logo to the right... the KFC one... that one and the Mr T one will be made into shirts sometime soon!!!!  So who the heck wants one??? lol  (2/12/03)
- Check out our new logo ( click here to c it ) we hope to have shirts made of these really soon.  By the way, tell us what u think of our other new logo...the Mr T one.  ( 1/31/03 )
- Wow, some dude named Mark IJbema translated that french review on us into english!  Here it is:
"They come straight from Sacramento, the city where it is nice.  They're all young and they come precisely with an album which isn't signed, but which however are worthwhile.  The songs are rather interesting, varying between plain ska and ska with a bit of punk.  Even when the guitars are rather "skink", the whole is decorated with obligatory copper, a bit of cherry on the cake, they have well played.  Evidently the group must make progress, it's clear even though the vocals are correct they remain quite bassy.  Also, the compositions are quite lineair, though the melodies are in most cases well found.  I'll give you the adress of the site where you can find out more and possibly buy the good album of ska."  (1/30/03)
- OH my god!  Someone did a review on us.... only thing that sucks about it is that its not in english.   LOL.  Check it out:   http://nico182.chez.tiscali.fr/reviews1.htm  And if you could read this... please translate it for us.
( 1/18/03 )
- Hey, go and check out a real picture of my friends Gangsta' Grandpa.  And yes, hes the one i wrote the song about... WHOOMP WHOOMP!
( 1/13/03 )
- Here's what our drummer said to me when i asked him to come back to the band:
Hey Rob,
    I'm glad to see that people all over have been really into the music we made.  It made the ride seem so much better, like it wasn't all for nothing.  But, right now I have so much going on in my life I can't right now.  With a possible new job and school starting up.  It may be difficult. 
And I'm not going to lie to you but I am already committed to another band at the moment.  Ben and I have already been working with them for a few weeks now.  Sorry man!  It was nothing personal, but Ben and I both felt that it was best to leave the group and try new things.  The time practicing and recording together was a learning experience for us all.  It was a blast and I won't forget it.  My thought's go out to you and Will. 
Justin   ( 1/10/02 )
- Got some really bad news to report.... not like anyone cares, but our drumer and bass player quit the band.  Not sure whats going to happen to us, but we will try to find someone to replace them.  Its very hard to find a drumer and the odds dont look good right now for us continuing.  If you know someone who plays the drums or bass guitar and they like ska music, please have them email me. 
( 12/20/02 )






Please e-mail us if u have any questions or anything.